Principal's Message

We welcome and invite you to join us for another exciting year at H. E. Bourgoin Middle School. The middle school years are certainly among the most important years in school as your child witnesses considerable academic, emotional, moral, and physical growth. It is in these years that students acquire values and ethics as they become more responsible, conscientious and organized.

We accept the premise that the school should do everything possible to develop each student’s intellectual, physical, and social well being in accordance with his/her abilities, capacities, needs and desires.

Therefore, every effort will be made to provide an exciting and stimulating environment designed to assist your child in realizing his or her maximum mental, physical, and social development. Providing for the educational development and welfare of your child is the primary purpose of H. E. Bourgoin Middle School. 

A large part of a student’s education is the development of good character and the practice of common values which can have a great influence on his/her success in school. Therefore, as a school we focus on teaching moral intelligence skills with an emphasis on the virtues of empathy, conscience, self-control, respect, kindness, tolerance, and fairness; as your child is learning the curriculum, he/she is also growing as a citizen.

When registering your child, he/she will be encouraged to purchase a student agenda. This agenda is designed to help your child keep organized with homework assignments, upcoming exams, and any special school events. As well, your child will be encouraged to write a brief summary in the agenda of the material covered in class, on a per class basis. This will provide a review technique and help your child stay consistent with using the agenda daily. Please encourage your child to use the agenda and review it with him/her on a daily basis. This will keep you adequately informed of your child's daily homework and study schedule.

This school year promises to have many rewarding and exciting learning experiences for your child so please join us in welcoming your child to H. E. Bourgoin Middle School. We look forward to working together with you, the students, and community members to support the best middle school practices in order that our students, your children, develop sound interpersonal relationships and academic skills that are essential in life.

If you have any questions or concerns please call. Your interest and participation in your child's education is very important.


Maureen Ference, JoDee Conrad,
Principal, Assistant Principal