Programs of Study


Language, social studies, math and science are presented to Learning Communities using large blocks of time.  The core subjects are connected in presentation so that students understand the learning objectives through an integrative approach.  Students will be able to apply the concepts through the subject areas in a manner which relates to their own experiences and more globally, to daily living.

Teachers will be working together in teams to connect different levels of the curriculum in order to provide continuity of understanding in the learning objectives to the students. Language Arts/Social Studies may be connected as Humanities and Math/Science may be connected through a similar fashion. Language Arts/Science may also be connected areas of studies.

  • Grade 4 Curriculum Handbook
  • Grade 4 Curriculum Summary
  • Grade 5 Curriculum Handbook
  • Grade 5 Curriculum Summary
  • Grade 6 Curriculum Handbook
  • Grade 6 Curriculum Summary
  • Grade 7 Curriculum Handbook
  • Grade 7 Curriculum Summary
  • Grade 8 Curriculum Handbook
  • Grade 8 Curriculum Summary

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