Mr. Boldt - Welcome to Band!

Hello, my name is Walter Boldt.  I teach both at Bonnyville Centralized High School and here at H.E. Bourgoin Middle School.  I teach Grade 5 General Music to 5S and 5E.  I also teach Grade 6 General Music to all the grade 6's.  The Grade 6 General Music is an introduction to band instruments where we explore how to play woodwinds (Clarinet) and brass (Trumpet).  I also have exploratories at the Gr. 5/6 level.  These include Handbells (T1); Christmas Program (T2); Spring Play (T3) and Recording Techniques (T4).  The Christmas Program and Spring Play are done with Mrs. Sharun.  My E2 Band is my largest focus each year.  My goal is to build the band program here and at BCHS to help students musically and academically.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me @ (780) 826-3323 or by e-mail @  I look forward to working with your child and you this school year.

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